• Support from concept to implementation.
  • Help to make well-based decisions at the right time.
  • Coordinate and enforce interests of the client.
  • Acting as an external eye and advisor.

I have wide experience in supporting large volume project and working in design & build method.
I address structural problems that arise during construction, focusing on the solution. I analyze, provide expertise and develop proposals.
This partnership can help share risks, costs, and expertise, especially when entering new markets or developing large-scale projects.

As Structural Design Engineer I can support your ongoing and new projects in the next role:

  • Preparation or review of the design philosophy and implementation in design.
  • Creation or review of structural design procedures, basis of design, structural design specifications and associated typical drawings.
  • Ability to carry out conceptual design independently to communicate design intent when necessary.
    Gathering the structural design requirements from multiple disciplines.
  • Preparation or review of foundations, steel and concrete structural design as well as multidiscipline support design.
  • Attendance in design meetings.
  • Ensuring deliverables required to be submitted by design consultants are provided in a timely, safe, efficient and high-quality manner.
  • Ensuring coordination between internal /external stakeholders and design consultants.
  • Attendance in inter-disciplinary BIM/model reviews or 2D drawing reviews.
  • Resolving technical queries from Contractors.



  • Adapt your designs into Hungarian norms
  • Work comfortable with Hungarian standards
  • Accommodate differences in easy way
  • Planning permit at the Hungarian Chamber of Engineering

Localisation and approval of designs of international design companies for Hungarian projects. Provide up-to-date help in navigating the maze of these hungarian standards and regulation. I have register number and planning permit at Hungarian Chamber of Engineering (click) and I am comfortable working internationally. 



  • Experience in innovation processes
  • Wide International connection
  • Daily contact with the lead researchers
  • Award winning innovation

I know that the most important is the knowledge and cooperation in innovation process.
I may not have all the answers right away, but but with knowledge, willpower and cooperation I will contribute to finding them.
You need to invest heavily in research, technological developments, digitalisation and optimalisation if you want to stay competitive in this fast-changing world.
I believe that most things are possible until proven otherwise. 
First we imagine the future, then we build it!